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Hey people! What's up?!?! I was surprised to find this little… - Judson Rocket Band

About Hey people! What's up?!?! I was surprised to find this little…

Previous Entry Oct. 2nd, 2004 @ 10:44 pm Next Entry
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Date:October 2nd, 2004 11:03 pm (UTC)
Well i'm not offically in band any more. been there for all four years. they won the game last night. but the lost made some smithson valley kids mad and they tagged the busses with kkk. lovely i heard it from some friends. Today they were suppose to have rocket review but the rain killed it. well just to introduce my self i'm jess. i play trombone. if my name doesn't give it away. i also taught my self to play baritone, last year. i was all cool. glad someone else joined. yeah ms p has the habit in making people avoid her.
Date:October 2nd, 2004 11:45 pm (UTC)
Are you serious?!?! 0.0 That is simply horrid! I mean it is okay to be mad, but to tag a bus is kind of childish. I have a question though, did anyone pass out on the field during half-time or anything like that?? I have a friend in marching band and she hasn't been eating much of anything for the pass two days, because it all comes back up, so I have been worried since. I haven't heard anything though so I assume everything went peachy. Lol, it rained on the day of the Rocket Review, poor them. We lost our phone lines because of the rain for like a few hours, but I didn't even realize it was raining til then ^^; Wow, you taught yourself how to play the baritone..that is nifty! All I know is the clarinet. It is nice to know that someone is still here. I wasn't sure if anyone would reply.
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